This is the wiki for webschleuder.

This is webschleuder, a web managment frontend for Schleuder (http://schleuder.nadir.org). It runs on Camping (http://github.com/camping/camping , http://wiki.github.com/camping/camping), a ruby micro framework.

Webschleuder provides an access restricted interface to:

  • list, add and delete mailing list members,
  • display an overview and detailed views on available GPG keys
  • add, export and delete GPG keys
  • display select list options (limited to non-crucial options)
  • change the web administration password


Posted 2009-12-29 01:48:49 +0100

webschleuder-0.1 and schleuder-2.1.0
Posted 2009-12-29 01:48:49 +0100


Webschleuder is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.

The sourcecode is living in switzerland: http://git.immerda.ch/webschleuder/

The present release is 0.1.1. For git-agnostics here's a tarball: http://webschleuder.nadir.org/download/webschleuder-0.1.1.tar.gz

Smaller fixes will be released with an incremented patchlevel and will be safe to apply (or git merge). Anything that might require human work to upgrade will only be included in new minor releases.

This wiki

This is an ikiwiki, revisioned by git. You can use both your browser and git to edit it. Either click on the "edit"-link on top of each page or clone it from this address: git://webschleuder.nadir.org/webschleuder-wiki.git. Anonymous pushing is allowed, restricted to all actions that are possible through the web interface. However, we're being notified of changes, so please behave.

If you're not used to this kind of wiki please read this section about the wiki-software: ikiwiki. You can also play around in the Sandbox before editing other pages to make yourself comfortable with the setup.

If you're looking for authoritative information and are paranoid and need to be sure every bit is correct, verify the reviewed-tag.


To report bugs and request new features please use this wiki. Also please do extend the documentation if you feel something's missing or incorrect!

For direct communication you may try joining the channel 'schleuder' in the silc-network of so36.net, immerda, riseup and others (see https://so36.net/services/silc/ for hostnames and fingerprints).

You can also send us email to schleuder2()nadir.org. (That's a schleuder-driven address, so you can receive its public key sending 'send key!', see specialcommands in the schleuder-wiki for help.)

Local content


And last but not least a screenshot how Webschleuder looks in the real:

Webschleuder List Configs